Here you have the opportunity to order the unique book New Energy Balancing ©, which is Tone Healing in book form.

New Energy Balancing© invites you to open up with the beautiful multi dimensional images which affects on several layers/planes, with small encouraging sentences and heartopening and beautifully vibrating songs and tones,

some of them from out of this world.

Healing and balancing body and soul.

While using the book New Energy Balancing© you might experience

that it affects your senses more than your mind and thoughts.

Symbols/images and covers, tones and songs and very few words.

Words can be limiting so in order to bypass the mind and thoughts I work through the book on activating your feelings and emotions both known and unknown.

The book is also an introduction to my way of working with Tone Healing.

Most people that come to me to receive Tone Healing and Energy Balancing experience that my voice assists them in becoming very relaxed. A relaxation often reached during meditation, also called relaxed awareness.

This way a lot of the resistance in the mind og body is released, and many find that there is a better balance both physical and energy wise afterwords. The songs and tones are sung in a frequency that gently enters and softly nudges the imbalance which finds its ways back to its original position.

An imbalance is often dense and stuck energy and with the assistance from the tones dissolves into its original form.

Everybody is talking about this book and how it makes them feel alive and Edgar Cayce said:

The New Earth medicine, is a combination of sound/tone and color.

This is what New Energy Balancing© is.

Mouseover the frontpage and you will see a few of the healing images from the book....

What is already said about New Energy Balancing©:

"Tone Isabella Fryd has with this book and cd hit an unusual and different way of working with the mind"

"Tone's beautiful song starts energy currents in the body assisting old stagnant energies to be released"

"A one of a kind of guidance from Tone's hand"

Maya Fridan

The psychic and clairvoyant school leader and well know from Danish Television.


"Tone Isabella Fryd has created a universe were you are lifted in joy and love with this book and cd."

"Sound that affects into the cellular level"

"It is tecniques and knowledge from the Atlantean times"

Birgit Elisabeth Friis Emdal, Channeling Oneness

New Energy Balancing© book and CD price 329,00 kr included shipping

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If you're curious about me, Tone Fryd, my voice that can assist you in traveling dimensions or want ask me more about my book New Energy Balancing© or perhaps order a soul bath or Tone Healing long distance and recorded. Ask for price.

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PS: fryd means joy/delight translated

I am that I am, I am Tone Healing

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