Here are som feedback on the book and on Tone Healing:

Tone Isabella is a Beautiful Being of Light and Love, with a pure golden radiance.

I received her book in August and have been enjoying tuning into the high vibes which emanate from the striking images that she's created ... peaceful, loving, joyful LIGHT and LOVE. I keep it by my bedside and turn to it like an Oracle, to tune in at random, and receive an image and one of her written messages for my soul.

My favourite one is HEART SONG ... I experience the transmission of our space family's higher dimensional frequencies, which I feel Tone has captured there !

There's also a CD included to complement the images, with Tone's lovely singing voice. I wasn't able to play it and meditate with the images yet, because my computer is a clunker, so I found a solution: to listen to it in my car!

Thank YOU Tone, this is such a beautiful contribution to everyone's journey back HOME that you've created.

Anya Love


Dear Tone Isabella,

the sensation that I experienced with the healing you accelerated from within My Self, was very expanding,

I was glowing in a new and wonderful way. Should I express the newness, I choose to state it as, more grounded and balanced, more aware and present in the now moment, more the heart of My Self, the tension in my stomach is more loose now and my humor seems to be back from I do not know where... I feel lightheaded and light-minded... and my imagination seems to be more vivid and lucid. I have a more deep felt sensation of the One

and the Whole That I am. Physically, the rash I had around my rear is itching less and the itch there now

is the sound sensation of a wound in the final state of "fully healed".

Thank You, I am truly grateful and may the joy of it be flowers in your hat.

  J   P


  y  a



If you're curious about me, Tone Fryd, my voice that can assist you in traveling dimensions or want ask me more about my book New Energy Balancing© or perhaps order a soul bath or Tone Healing long distance and recorded. Ask for price.

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PS: fryd means joy/delight translated

I am that I am, I am Tone Healing