Intuitive Tone Healing

Intuitive Tone Healing

“It is sound that creates life"

Intuitive Tone Healing is an in depth balancing heart and soulhealing which can bring wholeness to you and your body.

I heal by using my voice in song and different tones I allow to flow through me during the healing session. Besides hands on healing I also use color energies and symbols, gemstones and crystals I am guidet to use as well. Each healing is unique from person to person. It can bring renewed balance and harmony to your body. We all consist of tones and light in different frequencies and if a part of you is out of tune I can use my voice to bring your body back in harmony with your self again.

A healing session will always begin with a conversation, and the first time we meet I will book some extra time for this. To me it is of importance that you feel safe in my company before you let me work on your body and energy. I create a safe space for you to open up and allow the healings energies.

Have you chosen a long distance healing session we will speak via Skype. The actual healing will often take place right after or at a scheduled time within a day or two. The whole session is then recorded and sent to you on a CD or a file.

Price for one session 750 kr.

3 sessions prepaid 2.000 kr.

If you're curious about me, Tone Fryd, my voice that can assist you in traveling dimensions or want to ask me more about my book New Energy Balancing© or perhaps order a soul bath or Tone Healing long distance and recorded.

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PS: fryd means joy/delight translated

I am that I am, I am Tone Healing