Said about Tone

Said about Tone

Hello dear Tone

I tried to pull your energy in and I must admit that this is the first time I find it kind of tricky to explain what I sensed.

The first thing that happened was that this magical fantasy energy came in ~as if life is just one big adventure and everything is magical and positive and divine, in fact an entire fairytale movie began in my head.

Now where I can see your challenge and it is not a challenge if you acknowledge that it is there and that you realise that people can become insecure about you. Are you really as "high frequency" as you claim, is it true?

Are you hiding something somewhere?

People are NOT used to a person like you, not even all "spiritual" can quite believe it. And this can make them put up a wall. Your energy is so clear/pure that it's magical.

But to receive it, one has to trust you and the person that you are .... and this can be very fear enducing for some because very few can have faith in something this magical. "It must be a hoax" And if they finally give in ~open their hearts (and they will) and then you disappear ~auch this is their fear and it would have been my fear too if it wasn't because I just now got a personal inner proof of that you are what you say you are.

Medium Camilla J.

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