To the reader

To the reader, about this book

Here are images and songs created in love and joy, and also with a twinkle in the eye.

It is a balancing tool, it can recall events you have hidden in your body and assist you in balancing them and perhaps even dissolve. The words for the images and the images are on separate pages so you can focus on the energy of the images alone. And so the energy of the image can come to you as pure as possible.

My idea with this book is that you look at each image, take notice of the ones that attract you and also some that you dislike. It is possible that your resistance to an image or several of them makes you aware that there is a possible blockage. Therefore it might be a good idea to begin with these images. When you decide to work with them I recommend to take one image at a time and work with this in the beginning at least 3 days.

As time goes, you will notice that you are better at feeling how long you need to do this.

Some times just a couple of days, while others might need a week or even longer. Every one of the images are given a title which represents the basic energy of the image, but you might chose to use it in another way and even use one of the other songs or sounds for the image while it feels better to you. Then please do that! The suggestions are just that a suggestion. I am just presenting this for you to use in any way that feels right to you. It is really important that you feel into this, what they are perfect with, what they give you. To really feel what resonates the most with where you are and who you are is an important step in these transformational times and you can use this book to practice this skill if it is new to you.

I have written a simple way of grounding and an easy way to work with the images, check out the next pages.

My voice can create a bridge between dimensions, so you might experience traveling to parallel lives. It is therefore very important to be well grounded. And if you sense that you are not entirely in your body then listen to the track called Center yourself, the Aum will call you back to yourself, to your body. Some songs are likely to provoke you or words even sounds or notes which enter different layers and pokes you creating an awareness.

Other songs speak directly to your heart and soul.

All here is truly created with love and joy so you can experience who you truly are and eventually remember all that you are. A divine being, an aspect of god that is here to experience to be you in a physical body.

With great love and respect

Tone Isabella Fryd

If you're curious about me, Tone Fryd, my voice that can assist you in traveling dimensions or want ask me more about my book New Energy Balancing© or perhaps order a soul bath or Tone Healing long distance and recorded. Ask for price.

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